The Team

mixOmics can be considered as the collective effort of a group of people, including the mixOmics core team and several contributors. The project started with Prof  Philippe Besse, head of the Plateforme Biostatistique at the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France. Since late 2008 a part of the project migrated to the southern hemisphere to Australia.

The team is now collaborating between Toulous, Melbourne, and Canada.

The mixOmics core team

The mixOmics key contributors

Along the years, we had the pleasure to work with:

Past collaborators and contributors

Core team

From left to right: Sebastien, Kim-Anh and Ignacio at the French UseR conference in 2012 (Bordeaux, France)

Xin-Yi assisted in developing the content of this website, and provides support for our web interface developments


Francois Bartolo is our new recruit on the Toulouse site and is helping us to improve computational efficiency.


From left to right: Benoit, Kim-Anh and Florian, hiking in Mount Aspiring, New Zealand, prior to our workshop in Auckland (2015)