The mixOmics package is released under the GNU Public License.


mixOmics is a package for the R project. You will need to have R installed on your computer before installing the package. For more information about R, see the R project at

Download links

Package source, MacOS X binary, Windows binary and reference manual are available on CRAN.


Automatic installation

Start R on your computer and make sure you are connected to the internet. You can install the latest version directly from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). At the R prompt, type:


If you do not have privileges on your computer to write to the R library directory, for example if you are using a shared unix machine and you are not superuser, you may need to type instead

install.packages("mixOmics", lib = "myRlib")

Instructions for package installation are given by typing help(install.packages) or help(INSTALL) at the R prompt.

Manual installation

(if you do not have Internet where R is installed)

Download mixOmics and its dependencies (igraph, rgl and lattice) as a .zip file (Windows users) from R or our web site. Start R on your computer:

  • In the R console, click on “Packages”.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Install package(s) from local zip file…”
  • Browse to the zip file you would like to install (dependencies before mixOmics), and click “Open”.

To load mixOmics

Type at the R prompt: