mixOmics 5.0-2 update

The major changes of this new update is the perf() function that supersedes valid() and offers a variable stability measure across the different folds.

The pls() and spls() functions have been modified and are now following the same framework coding.

See the CRAN page here.

The mixOmics website will be updated shortly for the major changes of these functions. Remember that you can subscribe to our newsletter (mixOmics updates, workshops) as indicated here.

Changes in 5.0-2


New features:
– The valid function has been superseded by the perf function. Although similar in essence, few bugs have been fixed to estimate the performance of the sPLS and sPLS-DA models with no selection bias. A variable stability frequency has been added to the output. Functions spls.model and pls.model have been removed.

Bug fixes:
-pls and spls function have been modified and ‘harmonised’ w.r.t to scaling. Loading vectors a and b are now scaled to 1. Latent variables t and u are not scaled (following Table 21 of the Tenenhaus book – which is in French, sorry!).

-the argument abline.line has been set to FALSE by default in all plotIndiv functions.

-the warnings messages in the plot functions have been fixed

– tune.multilevel for one factor has been fixed.

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