June 4-6 2019, Toulouse, FR (beginner, 3 days)

We will be running a three-day workshop in June 2019 in Toulouse at the introductory level.

Instructors: Dr Sébastien Déjean

Organized by: GenoToul Biostatistics

Dates: 4-6 june 2019

Registration and registration fees: before 17 may 2019, using this form. Fees are: academic (500€), private (1000€), see more details below in the link provided.

Language: French or English depending on the attendees

Contact mixomics[ at] math.univ-toulouse.fr

Prerequisite and requirements We require from the trainees a good working knowledge in R programming (e.g. handling data frame, perform simple calculations and display simple graphical outputs) to fully benefit from the workshop. Participants are requested to bring their own laptop, having installed the software RStudio http://www.rstudio.com/and the R package mixOmics (instructions will be provided prior to the training).

More details can be found here (in french): https://perso.math.univ-toulouse.fr/biostat/2018/12/07/formation-mixomics/

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