New function: plot.valid

  • New function plot.valid to display the results of the valid function
  • New code for imgCor function for a nicer representation of the correlation matrices
  • In predict function the argument 'method' were replaced by method = c("max.dist", "class.dist", "centroids.dist", "mahalanobis.dist")
  • The arguments dendrogramColSideColors and RowSideColors were added to the cim function
  • valid function can also been performed with missing values
  • Functions plsplsdaspls and splsda were modified to identify zero- or near-zero variance predictors
  • The functions plotVar and plot3dVar were modified to represent only the X variables in the case of PLS-DA and SPLS-DA
  • The pca function has been improved so that the S3 methods plotIndivplot3dIndivplotVarand plot3dVar can be used with these new classe
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