• R package and Methods: IPCA and sparse IPCA functions have been implemented (as well as their associated S3 functions). IPCA stands for Principal Component Analysis with Independent Loadings. It is a combination of the advantages of both PCA and Independent Component Analysis (ICA). PCA is a powerful exploratory tool if the biological question is related to the highest variance. ICA was recently proposed in the literature as an alternative to PCA as it optimizes an independence condition that can give more meaningful components. A preprint can be available upon request.
  • R package and Data: The Liver Toxicity study data has been updated to provide geneBank IDs and gene titles
  • R package and Data: Two other data sets have been added: Prostate Tumor study (gene expression) and Metabolomic study of Yeast (metabolomics).
  • Web interface: We are making good progress on our associated web-interface (now deployed on  http://mixomics.qfab.org). Few illustrative examples are also available, and you can download the illustrative examples and run any type of analysis trough the interface. We are currently developing a ‘next level analysis’ to provide pathway enrichment analyses and give the functional annotation of the selected genes using the iHOP database. Do not hesitate to give us some feedback!
  • webinterface
  • ‘sletter: we now have a newsletter, to subscribe, send an email to mixomics[at]math.univ-toulouse.fr with no subject in the body.
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