Two postdoc positions available, University of Melbourne, Australia

The Lê Cao lab is opening two research fellow positions based at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Research Fellow in Computational Genomics and Statistics

Position number: 0042986. Level B University of Melbourne.
Three years fixed term.
Applications open until 14th November  Apply here.

The School for Mathematics and Statistics, and its partner the Centre for Systems Genomics (CSG), are seeking an enthusiastic research fellow to work on our pioneering projects in statistical integration of large biological data sets, and their implementation in the mixOmics multivariate R toolkit.

The Research Fellow will be responsible for leading cutting-edge statistical developments to address some of the data analysis challenges arising from the latest advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies, including the analysis of microbiome data (amplicon, shotgun sequencing and longitudinal experiments), genetic or single cell sequencing data. The successful applicant will thrive in a unique multi-disciplinary environment amongst statisticians, bioinformaticians and biologists in this initiative, with an opportunity to contribute to teaching in the classroom (within the incumbent’s areas of expertise) and for hands-on multiple day workshops.


Research Fellow in Computational Biology or Statistics

Position number: 0043228.
Level A or B, subject to qualifications and experience, University of Melbourne.
Two years fixed term.
Applications have now closed

The Centre for Stem Cell Systems is seeking a skilled research fellow to work on our exciting large-scale data integration projects conducted at the Centre. As one of its flagship programs, the Centre has reviewed, collated and curated hundreds of datasets from various stem cells sources, to investigate cell growth, differentiation capacity and associated donor properties. This is the largest international collection of curated stem cells data, which are available through our repository

The Research Fellow in Computational Biology and Statistics will be responsible for contributing to novel and innovative statistical developments to integrate difference sources of biological data available on matched biological samples (transcripts, miRNA, proteomics, metabolites, etc) to identify molecular signatures, as well as further refine or characterise subtypes of stem cell, in particular human mesenchymal stromal cells.

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