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If have further questions that have not been addressed by the documentation and FAQ, or you have found a conflict between the documentation and software itself, or you have comments and/or suggestion for improvement, you can do so at our new discussion forum

This forum is aimed to discuss about choices of multivariate analyses, bug report and comments and suggestions to improve the package. We hope to create an active community of users, data analysts, methods developers and R programmer developers alike! Check it out, maybe your question has already been discussed.

Alternatively, you can report any bugs (and solutions for bugs, thank you!) on our GitHub repository issue tracking.

We value your feedback. Thank you!

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Workshops enquiries

We also run regular 2 and 3-day workshops in Australia, in Europe and elsewhere. Have a look at our  list of upcoming workshops. We usually advertise 3-4 months in advance with an Expression Of Interest survey to fill. Do not hesitate to contact us to run dedicated workshops for a specific data type your country at this address mixomics[at] (email for workshop enquiries only!).

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