Software installation and updates. 

0 – Mac OS users only: install X Quartz first

1 – Install the mixOmics package from Bioconductor You may need to install the latest R version and the latest BiocManager package installed following these instructions (if you use R versions <=3.5.0) refer to the instructions at the end of the link). Install mixOmics using the following code:

## install BiocManager if not installed if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE))     install.packages("BiocManager") 
## install mixOmics

The mixOmics package should directly import the following packages: igraph, rgl, ellipse, corpcor, RColorBrewer, plyr, parallel, dplyr, tidyr, reshape2, methods , matrixStats , rARPACK, gridExtra .

1 (alternative) – To obtain the latest update of mixOmics (as Bioconductor updates every 6 months our package) you will need to pull from our gitHub page via the devtools and the install_github libraries. Install the libraries ‘devtools’ in R, then load and install mixOmics from gitHub:

# then load

2 – Check after install that the following does not throw any error (see step 0) and that the welcome message confirms you have installed version > 6.10. If this is not the case, try step 1 alternative (installation from gitHub):

Loaded mixOmics 6.10.x

We also advise using the software RStudio

If R makes any complain, you may have to install the latest R version here: