Patch 6.0.1

We are preparing a patch to fix some small bugs we (and other users) noticed since we released version 6.0.0. The .zip (windows) and .tar.gz (linux / mac) can be downloaded from this page. We plan to push a completed patch on the CRAN end of august 2016.

Latest patch update: 18 August

Package to download: (windows) or mixOmics_6.0.1.tar.gz (linux, mac)

For the .tar.gz you can install it via RStudio (mac environment) alternatively, type in a terminal (linux environment):

R CMD INSTALL mixOmicsPatch_6.0.1.tar.gz

Then load the patch version in R:

#Load the patch 

Bugs fixed:

Date: 18/08/2016

  • Offset value of 1 added for CLR log transform for mixMC
  • circosPlot variable name fixed for mixDIABLO, new argument size.variables
  • cimDiablo and circosPlot match name to legend color for mixDIABLO, new arguments transpose, row.names and col.names

Date: 03/08/2016

  • Call to from the RVAideMemoire package
  • Speed up computations for PCA with logratio transformation
  • perf / tune for sPLS-DA with log ratio transformation (that will improve the performance of the model)
  • network function for block.spls models (still in development!)
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