Patch 6.1.1

Dear mixOmics users,

We have a new patch version 6.1.1 available from the CRAN to fix a few bugs by our team or mixOmics users (thank you!) and few enhancements and updates to follow ggplot2 updates.

For those using DIABLO, please note points 8 & 9 as we changed the default parameters for a scheme = ‘horst’ instead of ‘centroid’ and  init = ‘svd.single’ instead of ‘svd’ in the methods, as we feel it was more appropriate. That may change your results compared to last version and you may want to use the old parameters instead.

New features:
1 – mint.pca function to perform unsupervised integration of independent data sets
2 – new weighted prediction for block approaches for both unsupervised and supervised analyses, see ?predict.spls and ?predict.splsda.
3 – ‘cpus’ parameter for sPLS-DA perf/tune and block.splsda perf/tune added to run the code in parallel

4 – ‘constraint’ parameter for sPLS-DA perf and tune functions added.
5 – plotLoading for PCA object
6 – color argument in plot.tune and plot.perf added

Bug fixes:
7- predict with logratio (the logratio transform is now performed inside the predict function)
8- in block methods, scheme = ‘horst’ set by default instead of centroid
9- in block methods, initialisation set to svd.single by default

Thank you again for using mixOmics.

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